empiric evidence in re: a changing world

"Shift" time in hours since dec. 2020
situation ongoing, further research pending
unexplainable local phenomenon
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linear time flow disrupted
situation ongoing, further research pending
percentage increase in strangeness
situation ongoing, further research pending
PRESENTER NOTES: We've both noticed, the world is turning upside down. Things are becoming unpredictable.

van allen methodology of change, with revisions

Research conducted 1983-ongoing. Sample size 1 participant. Data significance widely debated.


  1. Ignore coming changes, and the idea of change in general, until last possible moment.
  2. Realize despite best efforts not everything is in your control.
  3. Panic because while you were in denial you missed out on the chance to prepare.
  4. Lean way too far into coming changes, make quick decisions, lose sense of yourself. If possible, get yet another degree.
  5. Eventually, slowly, against personal will, accept change.


  1. Acknowledge change is indeed coming and that not everything is in your control.
  2. Make thoughtful, judgment-neutral observations about the new status quo.
  3. Think critically about the right changes to make, factoring in goals and future plans.
  4. Accept necessary adjustments, implement them.
  5. Feel a greater sense of peace in a vast and unpredictible universe.
PRESENTER NOTES: A changing world is no longer as frightening to me as it could be.

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