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[council motion . . . . .

REED-616 raises to the Council the potential induction of REED-34829
REEDS -4280, -99107 express their concern about R616's health and ability to speak in this condition
REED-616 appreciates the doctors' concern, would like to continue his motion: induction of R34829
Recommended for induction: R34329 | Previously considered a multiversal variant, a Reed but not a REED if you will, recent events yet to be fully researched and explained have prompted the need for greater Council oversight
Argument 01 | Multiverse collisions (known as "shifting") have left Rs -616, -34829 temporarily inhabiting the same physical form
Argument 02 | Perhaps by virtue of these "shifts" the abilities of R616 have begun transfering to R34829: genius-level mind, plasticity
Argument 03 | Left to his own devices outside of the "shifts," R34829 has the potential to follow the same paths of other REEDs in isolation (See also: REED-1610)
Counterpoint from Reed-7161 | A multiversal variant does not a REED make. Abilities developed by R34829 without "shifting" are not strong enough to merit Council induction.
Motion seconded by REED-98322 | The dangers outweigh the risks of preliminary council induction
Motion for emergency affiliate induction of REED-34829; motion seconded
Motion moves to council vote
Motion passes
Induction protocols commencing

. . . . . motion PASSED]

[correspondance . . . . . rvr]

Dr. Van Allen --

My name is Dr. Richards but I prefer Reed, as I'm sure you do as well. We'd like you to join us. It's time you reached your full potential.

-- from one Reed to another


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NAME:  Reed Van Allen
HOME PLANET:  Earth-34829
ORIGIN: multiversal collision with Reed Richards (Earth-616) [further research needed]
ACCESS:  temporary; probationary; emergency affiliate
[interdimensional council]
duplication activated upon portal entry